Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nostalgia Drink, Soojeonggwa

DwC 053

If you'd asked me before I drank this what nostalgia tasted like I wouldn't have had a clue. If you asked me again afterwards I wouldn't have been any the wiser, except to say that Koreans think it tastes like syrupy cinnamon.

DwC 054

Like many other drinks tested here, this is a cool tasting tea like drink with a little too much sugar. The flavours are enhanced in this instance with cinnamon, ginger and persimmon, which is all very nice. But once again misleading packaging has let it down. To my eyes the can clearly shows two different types of chunkage; one large fleshy ruby sinker and three nutty floaters. However, nothing of the sort was to be found. Despite vigorous shaking there was no ruby red head to poke it's way out or little white tear drops to drain from it.

DwC 056

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. I say nostalgia is a drink best served lumpy.