Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ilhwa Korean Red Ginseng & Daechu Juice

Or 'Hongsam Daechu Red Ginseng and Jujube drink' as the translation sticker on the back proclaims.


Less of a drink with chunks and more of a drink with hanging murk this one. See the sequential photos of the slow moving sediment. I would have shot some video but my arm was getting tired, it was that slow.


Given the amount of sediment you would be forgiven for thinking the drink needed shaking, but it transpired that it reacted quite violently to this.


After waiting for the froth to die down a little it could be safely opened and dispensed without causing any further problems. It's quite innocent looking by this point.


Taste wise it's strangely like cola, only less shit. It's incredibly sweet and fairly moreish. The honey that crops up last on the ingredient list is still clearly identifiable. I can report that I was not consciously aware any of ginsengs reputed benefits nor did I suffer any of the alleged possible side effects.

It was just a nice tasting drink. It would have been better if it had some chunks though.