Saturday, October 28, 2006

Roasted Coconut Juice

DwC 001

I love this stuff. It's my soft drink of choice, a true meal in a glass, the drink you can chew. The remains shown in the glass behind are just what I managed to swill out of the can after I'd drunk it, so I could then eat it with a spoon. I drank the can whilst driving, which is admittedly a little dicey when you get a chunk of coconut in the back of your throat.

I first discovered this refreshing chilled delicacy in Mr Jerks in Soho, but they didn't have any on subsequent visits. I'm now pleased to report that the Chinese supermarket on St Thomas Street in Bristol has it in. Lovely.


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Anonymous said...

I've had Coconut juice many many times before but never saw the roasted stuff until today. delicious! also your blog is awesome, thanks for the guide!