Sunday, May 20, 2007

Korean Ginseng-D

Right, it's time to stop fannying about with drinks that are barely lumpy. This one is serious.

 Korean Ginseng-D

In fact, I think there might be something alive in there.


Korean Ginseng-D presents a whole intact ginseng root floating in an amber liquid in a beautifully sculpted heavy glass bottle. (Incidentally, I found out accidentally that the bottle is study enough to bounce on a laminate floor without ill effect when dropped from counter height.) This lends it the appearance of a pickled medical sample. How could you not want to drink that?

DwC 070

If you can make out the ingredients at all you'll see that the hunk of ginseng in the first item on the list. You know you’re getting good chunkage when there is more of it than anything else in the drink.

DwC 071

There is also a quaint verse of Engrish on the label, where it reads, "Korean Ginseng drink is a natural soft drink containing with one Ginseng root." Bless. It continues, "For nutrition information write: WANG GLOBALNET" It's unclear whether one should simply write WANG GLOBALNET on a piece of paper and the information will magically appear. I would suspect that it really needs to be done at midnight, on a full moon, in front of a mirror etc, and some sinister Korean demon will appear over your shoulder and whisper it to you. I can confirm that typing the phrase into Word has no effect. Alternatively, maybe if you write it on a piece of paper that will then have the same nutritional value? Or maybe you're supposed to write to the address given underneath? I prefer the witchcraft theory though. I like my pickled biological sample drinks to have a sinister satanic air about them.

On with the consumption. There is a slight froth formed when shaking that disperses quickly. There is a very mild horseradish like smell when opened. Time for the pour:

DwC 072

The bear sticks its head out of the cave.

DwC 073


DwC 074

The money shot.

DwC 076

Isn't that beautiful? The chunk is too large to even fit in the liquid. Now that is serious chunkage.

DwC 077

Down the hatch. The drink is light with a slightly syrupy flavour. We then get to the chunk.

DwC 078

DwC 079

Guess I just have to eat it.

DwC 080

You’d tell me if I had something in my teeth, wouldn’t you?

DwC 081

Cross section.

The root is very soft, not chewy at all, and can be eaten without problem. It has a very mild almost spicy like taste, nowhere near as strong as ginger or horseradish or lotus root. It leaves a slight after taste and is refreshingly washed down with the remaining drink.



Quamibpijratata said...


Quamibpijratata said...

Check out my blog if you're interested. I am down to follow you. I want to find cool people to share and read blogs of / with. Those photos were nice and raw, high quality and amusing. That's admirable. I am about to embark myself on the task of having the Korean Ginseng - D.

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Stu said...

First of all, a blog about nothing but chunky drinks? I think I just found my favorite corner of the Internet.

Also, this drink is awesome. Awesome article, very funny to read.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I bought my first bottle of Korean Ginsing D. Wow I felt new and able to do things I been putting off with out feeling side affects. Love it..

10 Top said...

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Anonymous said...

Great Stuff ... I didn't know you should eat the root. I just ingested mine. Glad I didn't throw it away! Thanks!