Monday, April 30, 2007

Nostalgia Drink, Shikhye

I previously wrote off the Nostalgia Drink – Soojeonggwa for its failure to deliver on its bogus chunky promise. I shall have to learn to identify the phrase "serving suggestion" in several Asian languages, or at least identify what it is they are suggesting I serve it with.

I'm glad to report that Nostalgia has redeemed itself here with the Shikhye. Shikhye is a Korean sweet rice nectar, usually served with pine kernels or dried dates floating in it and ideally suited to follow greasy or meat based meals. I’ve even found recipes (albeit confusing ones) so a home made version may be on the cards at some point in the future. The same drink is also reviewed here.

Here are the photos:

The Can:
DwC 057

The Pour:
DwC 060

Can Contents
DwC 061

The Settle:
DwC 063
Unlike Guinness it is best not to allow too long for the drink to settle before consumption.

Drink Up:
DwC 065

DwC 066

DwC 067
Spoon required at this point.

The drink and the chewy rice are tasty, with a slight twang of the ginger content, and it has a more pleasing texture than the soggy cardboard like Rambutan Juice. Would have been better if it did have some pine kernels in it too, but a good alrounder.



Anonymous said...

Shikhye is awesome. Definitely on my top two. If you want another chunky drink, try...I don't know it's English name, but it's a similarly canned drink made with Korean pears. Can you guess what the chunks are made of?

New Atlas said...

I also tried this drink and wrote a review on it on my site. I thought it was great, but I actually preferred the flavor of the other nostalgia drink - despite the fact that it's not chunky