Monday, July 21, 2008

Chaokon Brand Young Coconut Juice with Jelly

An interesting variation on a classic theme here.

DwC 137

You'll know by now that I'm a sucker for chunky coconut drinks, but this one has a twist. Instead of all of that lovely chewy chunkage it is filled with jelly.

DwC 138

So much jelly in fact that I thought it would make an interesting video watching it settle.

DwC 139

Except that it didn't do anything. It would have been the most boring video ever. The sort of video that was so boring it would prompt you to google for the word 'boring' just to see if there was anything else that could potentially be more boring. But you wouldn't find anything else. The top 10 hits would all be that video.

DwC 140

Seemingly hours later it still looked like this. By seemingly I probably really mean a couple of minutes, but it feels like hours, honestly. I was getting too impatient to try the drink anyway. Which went down a treat on a hot Saturday afternoon in mid-summer. Just what I needed. Apart from the foreign body I had to fish out.

DwC 141

The young coconut has a fruitier, more floral, flavour than it's fully grown counterpart. It's just as soothing, although the texture is quite different. Chewing is optional rather than mandatory, when you do chew you find quite a light rubbery texture to the fruit that squelches around the palette in a pleasing manner, yet the inexperienced chunk drinker could opt out of that entirely and swallow without fear of choking. It's a rare high chew high chunk score without any danger of choking. Ideal for beginners.

DwC 142


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