Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hangover Cure Special

Occasional chunk contributor Popcorn and I were out on a mutual friend's stag do recently. Come the morning, and looking slightly worse for wear, we thought it would be the ideal opportunity to test drinks with chunks as hangover cures. We survey the selection and take our choices.

DwC Hangover Special 01

I go for Postre Del Sago Del Coco, which is a kind of palm starch with coconut, hoping for something soothing and milky to settle the stomach. Popcorn opts for, um, I've forgotten what it was. It looked like it had whole grapes in it.

DwC Hangover Special 02

It's easily extracted. Although mine proves more problematic.

DwC Hangover Special 06

A chop stick is employed for poking purposes.

DwC Hangover Special 07

And vigorous shaking creates chunk based carnage over my desk.

DwC Hangover Special 09

Chunk comparison.

DwC Hangover Special 22


DwC Hangover Special 15

Right, time to see how this sits on top of last nights excesses. Brace yourself.

DwC Hangover Special 10

Hmm, not an instant hit.

DwC Hangover Special 12

But it does have something...

DwC Hangover Special 13

...but Popcorn isn't quite sure what. My turn.

DwC Hangover Special 14

Down the hatch.

DwC Hangover Special 17

Ahhh. Exactly what I was after. Like a pulpy soya milk.

DwC Hangover Special 19

Breakfast in a can. Lovely. Popcorn decides to try the palm drink but that doesn't go down too well either. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that these responses to the two drinks were down to ill health rather than there being anything wrong with the drinks.

DwC Hangover Special 21

I try the other grape like one and find it too sickly and syrupy for my liking. Popcorn does finish it off and we both decide we made the better choice. Personally, I'd say that the palm starch drink was a suitable hangover cure (Popcorn would beg to differ) but I think we'd both agree that the grape like one wasn't the best option under the circumstances.

Postre Del Sago Del Coco


Unidentified grape like drink



Hangover Cure said...

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Anonymous said...

its lychee =) lol

Dan said...

Of course it is! Thanks for the reminder there. I wasn't at my sharpest when I wrote that for some reason. ;-]

David said...

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